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Tyco Water Project

“I didn’t really understand that you could actually do what
they did in Excel. I didn’t know it was possible.”

Ian Jacob, Managing Director, Tyco Water Asia


Tyco Water Asia was considering whether to invest in a new multi-million dollar development in China, and needed to run a customer survey to understand whether the project would meet its customers' future needs.

The team at Tyco wanted a standardized survey to ensure consistency and reduce bias, as well as automatic collection of the results into a single database, allowing its project team to conduct further analysis once the survey was complete.

Tyco appointed iExcel Consulting to develop and build a tailored, Excel-based questionnaire that would meet these demands. The resulting platform not only "did exactly what we wanted," says Tyco's Ian Jacob, but is something that Tyco will be able to use for the next three or four years. ...

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