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Jeremy is the leading expert in Excel software design for the companies that seek to improve process flow within their organization. For more than 10 years, Jeremy has been developing customized solutions to enhance, simplify and standardize data processing, reporting, dashboards and other business tools for companies across diverse industries. Global companies currently using automated solutions he designed include Hyatt and Tyco.

Jeremy’s experience working with and making sense of data was acquired through various roles in finance and marketing as revenue analyst, data analyst, strategic marketer, revenue manager and business development director. For all of these roles, the development of automated Excel solutions was key.

Jeremy Artan, Managing Director

While sharpening his Excel and VBA programming expertise, this set of experiences has guided Jeremy to provide a business approach to problems, hence delivering solutions that not only work but also fully integrate into specific business environments.

Jeremy’s motto: ”make it simple and visual” has enabled business managers to treat and present complex data in simple, visual and interactive models, often dramatically increasing the level of understanding within the organization.

Eager to share his knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Jeremy has never stopped training people on Excel. Whether through support classes at college, official training courses at the various companies he was employed or now through the three comprehensive training programs offered by iExcel, Jeremy continues to provide users with the required skills to perform on Microsoft Excel. An eye opener on the possibilities of Excel, those training bring tremendous value to the participants and their organizations since individuals start creating cleverer, more accurate and reliable spreadsheets.

iExcel, works with businesses towards increased profitability delivering automated solutions, software and training that enhance productivity and reduce costs.

All the companies that have worked with iExcel have found great value in the output, when are you going to join them?

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