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Why spending hours compiling complicated spreadsheets and reports when everything can be done in a few clicks? There is a need to automate manual processes in Excel in order to limit errors, save time and increase efficiency.

At iExcel we provide solutions for you to transform long hours of data input, calculations and repetitive work in an environment easy to use saving you a lot of time and efforts.

There are multiple advantages of an Excel customized solution:

  •     - Customized solutions respond to the specific needs of a company. It is not the company that adapts to the
          software, but the software that is created for the company
  •     - As the company grows and develops new needs, a customized solution can be tuned, expanded and adapted to
          those new needs
  •     - With about every company in the world using Microsoft Excel, data, while secure, is highly transferable from and
          to other systems - data can be contained in Excel or external databases

Whether you need a CRM, a Budgeting, a Purchasing or an HR management system to mention just a few, our business and programming experts have the means to develop the tailored solution you are looking for.

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