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Business Software are usually expensive, heavy and difficult to run. There is a limited number of commercial software and often the required infrastructure as well as the cost are prohibitive for small and medium businesses.

Yet the need for supporting software to process redundant or complex tasks with a high level of accuracy and reliability are the same for most companies regardless of the business level or size.

To perform, a company must be able to easily organize and access data such as client registry, product lists or sales history and use it in an effective and simple manner.

At iExcel, we offer a range of efficient, easy-to-use standardized tools and applications that will help automate and structure various aspects of your business. Whether in accounting, in management or in sales, you will find that our applications add great value to your daily work.


It has never been easier to compile your budget! Compare results year on year, quarter on quarter and month on month; appreciate the impact of your projections through clear charts and reports, save multiple versions and compare them. All these great possibilities and many others in a user-friendly environment. iBudget is the must have application for relevant budgeting.

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iForecast works well with iBudget. The application allows you to create accurate forecasts that make business sense. Compare actuals, budget, forecast by month, by quarter and by year with great tables and graphs; track your forecast accuracy; identify quickly shortfalls and trends. For managers who like to keep an eye on their business, iForecast is the right application.

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The ultimate application to generate, store and manage your quotes and invoices. Generate names, client number, products, price and quantities in a few clicks; access client history, get reminders on outstanding quote and invoices, use a standardized, professional looking document for your quotes and invoices. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, iQuote has its place in your company.

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Ensure the smooth roll out of your projects, organize dependent and parent tasks, keep an eye on deadlines. This application is the perfect companion to a successful project.

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